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Prajit Datta

Current Positions :
AI Research Scientist at AFRY
Blockchain Evangelist - Hyperledger Sweden
Councils :
Forbes Technology Council '20
Global Shapers - World Economic Forum
Toastmasters International
Speaker, Author, Teacher // Badminton, TT, Yoga 

Gothenburg / Frankfurt / Brussels / Stockholm


Prajit Datta is presently working as AI Research Scientist at AFRY and currently based out of Sweden. He is also overseeing the AI Global Competence Group for the organization.

Before that, he was working in GTO for Chief Data Scientist Organization at Bank of America.


He defines his life motive as, “Karmev Jayate”, which translates into the colloquial version as, ‘Work will always be Victorious’.


Prajit’s corpus of work extends from the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence capabilities in different sectors to Blockchain Evangelism. He also works as a mentor for different developers as well as business communities, and along with all of this, he makes it a point to not miss his social contributions through various outreach initiatives.


But what really interests Prajit, is the chance to interact with passionate minds from all walks of life, and the opportunity to influence them. His talks at TEDx platforms and other respected international platforms across the world have given Prajit a window to give back, and multitudes to benefit from it. He has the vision to develop intelligence, which will change the way we look at the world or in short to make 'Person Of Interest'.


His belief in bringing a change to society has led him to participate and contribute as Global Shapers - a community supported by World Economic Forum. An author of 2 Books– ‘26 Jumpstraps’ and ‘Startup to Scaleup’, He considers himself as #Toastmaster for Life.



Prajit’s analytical bent of mind and curiosity led him to play with data and discover the roots which govern the business industry today. Manipulating data to extract meaningful information, he has been working as a Data Scientist ever since. His knowledge and experience on the subject have paved various opportunities in the form of technical talks and the subject matter of his books.



Being a believer of revolutionary technologies, Prajit has ardently followed Blockchain technology which he believes is transforming the world of digital finance and assets. He has vehemently spoken about it at many of his keynote speeches and even supported its impact in the books he has authored. His passion for innovation and vision for efficient data management led him to be a prolific blockchain evangelist.



Prajit has been a mentor to several developers as well as business communities around the world. Be it Product Design or Technology, his experiences, and understanding of the new opportunities propelled him to support creative initiatives. Owing to his own supported initiatives, he has himself assessed and validated various business models off the ground.

#AI For Elderly!

TEDx Talk, Belgium

Books & Publication
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